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Cecilia Armenta Hallinan

Images arrive in response to an event associated with the things of life—what we think, do, love, hate—the responses go in, some stay, some leave—like a stray cat. I do not set out to make a specific image.

Oils are inherently exquisite. I depend on their slowness to dry and I will work on a painting, at times for years, until it becomes an honest painting. That is the way I describe knowing when a painting is done.

After many years it remains a wondrous mystery why artists want to share what they do; I am content that it remain a mystery and leave it at that.

Regarding my process, I usually work on multiple pieces at once, painting with oil on wood or canvas. I work with a cast of sketches, notes, paintings, memories of something said...and memory. When the work begins, the supporting 'cast' is put away, the music is turned off, and the phone silenced. It is the only way I gain access to the "interior."

US born, Cecilia Hallinan was educated in Latin America, the West Indies, and Europe. While she has charted her own path as a painter, art history and instruction were a holistic part of her upbringing. She attended the San Francisco Art Institute and the San Francisco Art Academy in the 1960’s, and then received her BA from the Instituto de Arte y Diseno in Mexico City, and a BFA in 1995 from Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon. An adjunct professor at Portland State University and the Sitka Center for the Arts, Hallinan was a 10-year member of the notorious 333 Studios in Portland prior to moving to California several years ago. She now maintains a studio in Santa Rosa.

Hallinan first exhibited at Quicksilver in 2011, a solo show of oil paintings entitled "Signs." She also participated in several group exhibitions during the gallery’s final few years in Forestville, including Quicksilver’s Last Hurrah at the end of 2012.


Available Artwork by Cecilia Armenta Hallinan

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"Homage to Diego," by Cecilia Armenta Hallinan
"Homage to Diego,"
Oil on board, 52" X 52", 2011
"That's How the Light Gets In," by Cecilia Armenta Hallinan "Vermillion's Assertion," by Cecilia Armenta Hallinan
"That's How the Light Gets In,"
Oil on board, 12" diameter, 2011
"Vermillion's Assertion,"
Oil on board, 22.5" X 22.5", 2011
"Nocturnal Garden," by Cecilia Armenta Hallinan "Noldea," Oil on panel,
"Nocturnal Garden,"
Oil on board, 22.5" X 22,5", 2010
"Untitled (No Idea),"
Oil on panel, 24" X 23.5"
Please email Khysie for more information about Cecilia's available artwork