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Wood Choppers:
The Skullptorz Ride

Ernie Fosselius' Caricature Sculptures at Quicksilver

"Dave and Rufus" by Ernie Fosselius
"Dave and Rufus,"
basswood and mixed media, 7" X 12" X 3-1/2"

"Upon retiring from a brief 25 year career in The Movie Biz, I drastically simplified my life and began whittling. That is, creating hand carved caricature sculptures. I just didn’t feel at home in an industry that requires millions of dollars and thousands of people and hours to make a simple artistic statement. I thought I could accomplish more on my own with a pocketknife and a stick." So says sculptor and woodcarver Ernie Fosselius, who opens a—until now—highly secret one-man show of recent caricature carvings at Forestville’s Quicksilver Mine Co. on September 17th.

This Exhibition, Woodchoppers: The Skullptorz Ride, was conceived by Fosselius as a small and highly unusual tribute to his fellow sculpture artists in Sonoma County. Created behind a great veil of secrecy, he will not discuss particulars about the Show except to say that his Opening Reception will double as a Grand Unveiling, and that great disappointments await those who do not attend! Presented by The Quicksilver Mine Co. as part of Sculpture Sonoma, Wood Choppers: The Skullptorz Ride will continue in the Gallery through November 9th.

Fosselius' work as an artist began in the early 1970’s when he helped create original animated films for Sesame Street as well a number of short satirical movies including Porklips Now and Hardware Wars (an award winning parody of Star Wars). Since settling in Sonoma Count Fosselius has built a traveling gallery of his own mechanically animated carved caricatures which he calls the "Marvelous Mechalodeon," created magic shows, built human powered boats and parade floats, and carves bride and groom likenesses for wedding cake toppers.

The Grand Unveiling & Artist Reception for Woodchoppers: The Skullptorz Ride will be held on Saturday September 17th from 2—5pm.