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Ernie Fosselius &
The Crankabout Mechanical Theater

Pedal & Roll into Downtown Forestville!

Sunday June 10, 2007

Ernie "Hardware Wars" Fosselius and the Crankabout Mechanical Theater will present a very special interactive performance of "Cirque duSowhat" at Forestville’s Quicksilver Mine Co. on Sunday June 10th, 2007!

Heralded as the "Known World's Only MINIATURE Mobile Museum of Mechanical Marvels," the Crankabout Mechanical Theater is:

  • THE Original Traveling Exhibition of Hand-Cranked Wooden Automata!
  • All Human Powered!
  • Features Live Mechanical Music!
  • A Magnificent Apparatus of Amusement!
  • An Unrivaled Entertainment Featuring Live 3-D Animation!

Ernie Fosselius (born 1946) is an American filmmaker, best known for his classic Star Wars parody, "Hardware Wars." In recent years, Fosselius has retired from filmmaking and has taken to whittling mechanically animated carved caricatures and automata which he displays in traveling galleries, including the (now mothballed) "Marvelous Mechalodeon" and the brand-spanking new "Crankabout Mechanical Theater," an entirely human powered exhibit.

The "Crankabout Mechanical Theater" will be providing unparalleled interactive entertainment in Quicksilver's Sculpture Garden from 11—6 on Sunday June 10th. A special reception will be held for Fosselius between 3 & 5pm on that day.






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