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A Brief History of The Quicksilver Mine Co.

The Quicksilver Mine Co. first opened its doors in the tiny Russian River resort town of Guerneville in 1983. Over the next 20 years, both on the River and later in neighboring Sebastopol, the art gallery and gift shop exhibited and exclusively promoted Sonoma County art, fine handcrafts, gourmet food and wine.

In 2003, Quicksilver owner Khysie Horn closed her Sebastopol gift shop and moved the art gallery to its fourth and final location in neighboring Forestville.

The Quicksilver Mine Co. Gallery & Frame of Mind
The Quicksilver Mine Co. Gallery & Frame of Mind


The Sculpture Garden at Quicksilver Gallery
The sculpture garden behind the Quicksilver Gallery

Expanding to represent recognized and emerging artists from Sonoma County and northern California, Khysie continued hosting rotating art exhibitions, salon nights, gallery receptions, talks, and literary and musical events in her newly renovated art space.

The entryway to the Quicksilver Gallery
Painting by Holly Downing (background) and Tej Greenhill (foreground); wood-turned bowls by Jerry Kermode; steel and glass table by John O'Hare

Finally, after nearly thirty years in business, Khysie decided to close the Forestville gallery to make time for new opportunities and projects. The Quicksilver Mine Co. closed its doors in January 2013.

Where Are We Now?

Having represented nearly 600 artists and fine craftspeople over thirty years, Khysie continues to maintain Quicksilver’s website, providing information and referral services for many of the artists she has worked with since she opened her gallery in 1983.

Past (Forestville) gallery exhibitions and artists represented will provide the viewer with a quick overview of the artists she continues to support and promote online.

Future plans also include providing website representation for limited number of those artists who have minimal internet presence, providing a simple website platform to help them promote and market their art work through Quicksilver online.


The Rear Entrance at Quicksilver Gallery
Rear entrance to the Quicksilver Gallery










Another view of our first show
A solo exhibition by Chiyomi Longo


Photograph by Frank Field,
Photograph by Frank Field,


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